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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2005|04:55 pm]
Lots has been going on lately.. hanging with the boy and shit... breaking phones... the usualy. my baby needs to get home from florida!! ok, i am just sitting in the library at school cuz i am waiting for football to start at 6.. i wish they has a 12 lift or something... o well. im out lates
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Im back BiTcHeS [Jan. 23rd, 2005|06:16 pm]
[mood |opposite of horny]
[music |Dashboard - Warmth Of The Sand]

So i have ahd this damned thing for almost 3 years now, but yet i go months without updating sometimes... but i think i am back for good.... So i quick update, i still go to wayne, still play football, still hang with Djob, GAYericjulien and Big Pal, still love to drink and party, but some things have changed.. for the better- I have met a girl. Cliner introduced me to his friend Kari. Best thing that has happened to my ass in forever, besides my boys ;o)... literally, my ass... nvm... So we started dating on her bday, dec 3rd... so its been almost 2 months or something like that... SO last night she came to my apt. along with erin cory traci and aaron... good time, got drunk... so randomly at like 1am JT, Nolan, Frank and Ryan from the team come into my room, i do a double take and im like wtf... THEY HAD MOHAWKS... they all freakin shaved their heads! wow... but yeah, i wanna get home next weekend and doa lil shopping and such. I am in love with french conection united kingdom (FCUK), ben sherman and le tigre... altho im sure i will jsut stick with my abercrombizzle and fizzle... Fais found a shirt for me in new york by fcuk it is white and sez "I'd FCUK myself" sooooooo perfect for me, am i wrong?

Quick update
*STILL addicted to Tiger Woods
*Hate the cold
*Love my firends
*<3 the gf
*Becoming regulars in Canada (free drinks for bobby the bartender)
*Love cookies and cream Ice Cream, duh
*Djob STILL lives in a pineapple under the sea...
*Total soccer in Fraser on Thursday nights, be there or DIE

ok, i swear i wont take 5623478678034 eyars to update again!
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ok ok ok, get ready.... [Jul. 21st, 2004|03:51 am]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops - Feeling Left out]

hold on tite for the greatest thing ever...


its called "Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops" by Feeling Left out
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ok.. [Jul. 20th, 2004|01:30 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |DC-The Best Deceptions]

um, i have to update cuz i got a new icon for my journal...

I love candy... especially free candy, we need to have a draft soooooooon, im hungary!

I started listening to Dashboard Confessional on christmas eve 2001. the first song i heard was the best deceptions. but right now, i AM vindicated and eric is too

camping is coming up fast. good thing no stalkers are coming. just me and my boys and whoever else wants to go! its july 30th and 31st in c a n a d a. just leave a comment, but the only thign is is that u HAVE TO drink with me for at least 10 hours a day!

ok, time to kick some footballs for a lil while, peace
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I am vindicated [Jul. 12th, 2004|01:33 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |One Year 6 Months Ago - Yellowcard]

Damn, whos down for another COMPLETELY random and sponaneous trip to the casino at midnight... i know fro, D, and Cuban are down. eric, im sorry u couldnt come cuz u are an alchy... its okay that u were drunk at 9 pm cuz u drank by yourself and then prolly played with yourself too, fag...
camping in july
training camp doesnt start till aug 12!!!!!!!
tubing with ericjulien soooooooooooon (his idea... "what are we gonna tube on? omg YOU have a boat!" lol)
As eric would say, we got Dave till the 30th...

ok, so we get back from the casino at 530, damn dale good thing we got stuck in the tunnel for 2 1/1 hours or your parents would b pissed....
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Wow, i am such a pimp [Jun. 20th, 2004|11:37 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |dashboard - vindicated]

[name:] THEbriancyr
[Star sign:]Picses
[sexual orientation:] gay
[longest relationship:] one and off for about 2 years
[ever had a long distance relationship:] Long distance... yeah, is grosse pointe far?[do you have faith in long distance relationships:] fuuuuuuck no

[on dates do you pay or get paid for:] Depends if i have a job or not
[ever been on a blind date:] yes... she was kool at first then i went to her party the next week and found out she was fucking insane...
[ever dated more than one person at a time:] naw
[ever have "friends with benefits":] of course... sometimes i just have benefits :o)
[ever cheated:] umm, one time back in the day... but dont worry, i ran off and told her like 2 hours after it happened. but seriously, y cheat? if u dont like em just break up with them, dont break their hearts
[ever had your heart broken:] yes, nothin hurt more
[ever been dumped:] haha, yeah, wut a fickle fucking girl
[number of people slept with:] yeah, on live journal.. haha
[do you kiss on the first date:] if you ar lucky
[what attracts you to a person:] 1.Sense of humor 2.Smile 3.body 4.Sense of style
[physical traits you turn your head for:] SMILE and a nice round ass
[ever been in love:]yes... but its not past tense.... one you are in love, you are in love

[average age you get involved with:] 18-19

[have relationships changed you:] yeah, girls are HOES
[have your relationships been worthwhile:] Yes, not regrets
[would you ever get married:] 27-28
[key to a successful relationship:] honesty, and NO fighting...

Wallet? black leather
Hairbrush? brown
Toothbrush? clear and green
Pillow cover? green checked
Blanket? see above
Coffee cup? im trying to wuit
Sunglasses? Silver Oakley's, only the best
Underwear? sometimes
Favorite shirt? My new pink and white polo from none other than Sears!jk, a&f fo life
Cologne/Perfume? Armani
CD in stereo right now? Dashboard - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar... Greatest singer ever...
Tattoos? not yet
Piercings? none yet
What you are wearing now? khaki shorts and a pink shirt boxers and a wrist band and my pink cowboy hat
In my mouth? Some dudes cock
In my head? a rotting brain
Wishing? That she would realize that i am for her and that she cant take me for granted....
If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? i dont think i hate anyone
Person you wish you could see right now? Sumann
Is next to you? Celly and my big sis :o)
Some of your favorite movies? BREAKFAST CLUB, Office Space, Super Troopers
Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month? The new episodes of Degrassi!!!!!!
The last thing you ate? Cheesecake... if anyone out there wants to date me, just make me a cheesecake and i will do anything for you...
What are you afraid of: People close to me dying, Heartbreak
Do you like candles? I like hot wax...
Do you like incense? i dunno
Do you like the taste of blood? i like the taste of my own
Do you believe in love? That is y most ppl live... including me
Do you believe in soul mates? definately
Do you believe in love at first sight? i believe i LUST at first sight
Do you believe in God? he saved my life... so i kinda have to
What do you want done with your body when you die? shove me in the ground with a fancy rock that has THEbriancyr carved in it
What is the latest you've ever stayed up? 30 something hours
Can you eat with chopsticks? not very well
What's your favorite coin? um, my lucky schiling (sp)
What are some of your favorite candies? Skittle, starburst, butterfinger, peanut butter cups
Who is someone that you really wish was still around? what a fucking retarded question... everyone knows the answer... We should be at kyte right now boy...
Kissed someone: more than i can count
Killed someone: never
smoked: yes
Gotten Drunk: yep
Worn rainbow: naw, but i would, i dont give a fuck
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: yeah... 3 hours 9 minutes and 6 seconds (about 8 months ago).... leave a comment if u know who you are...
Left the country: Canada
Had a party with over 30 people: like 100.... those niggaz stole my clothes
Taken nude pictures: yeah, wanna see?
Stolen something: who hasnt
Caught something on fire: yea
Wanted to cheat on someone: thats shitty
Asked someone out: yeah
Dumped someone: yeah
Had a dream, then the next day it happens: wow.... yes.... and it wasnt kool.... i dreampt about the owner of my work and sumann.... and ryan already passed and the next day in work i found out the owner of my work passed away that night.... very scary...

You Touched: myself(felt good too)
You Talked to in person: the fam and D and Ej
You hugged/kissed: Dad for Father's Day
You Instant messaged: faisal
Who broke your heart: Sarah
Understanding: mostly
Insecure: FUCK NO.... yeah right, i am totally in secure..
Interesting: i am the shit
Smart: i dunno, if i try... i did get that 30...
Moody: when i am ragging
Difficult: yeah, i am a dick, but i always get my way
Attractive: when i get alll dolled up
Bored Easily: i always amuse myself
Controlling: nope
Sad: when i think about shit...
Happy: when i am at home or with my real friends
Trusting: a select few... i am learning that everyone has bullshit coming out their ears
Talkative: ill talk to a fricken wall, i dont care
Ignored: never
Reliable: if i like you
Lonely: sorta... :o(

-Tacos?: vertical tacos
-Bread?: i guess
-Veggies?: sure, but only with dip
-Pizza?: ill eat anything
-Doritos?: ill eat anything
-Pretzels?: ill eat anything

-Chocolate?: yeah
-Garlic?: nope, im a vampire
-Veal?: its yummy
-Chicken?: yeah
-Ice cream?: yep
-Hot Pockets?: fuck yeah
-Popcorn?: hell yeah
-Pop Tarts?: ill eat anything
-Salad?: specially with 1000 island dressing
-Coke?: yeah
-Pepsi?: yeah
-Gatorade?: powerade is better

-Bungee jumped?: no
-Gotten a tattoo?: no
-Sky dived?: no
-Skinny dipped?: suprisingly no
-Gotten your tongue stuck to a cold pole?: no
-Had pop rocks and coke together?: no
-Played truth or dare?: i guess
-Kissed for more than 10 minutes at one time?: yeah
-Puked on someone you really liked?: does eric meier's suitcase in panama count? sorry bro
-Mixed sodas together?: i have mixed beers
-Had sushi?: no, wtf, i am fucking boring i guess
-Had deja vu?: yes
-Hung up on someone?: hardly ever.... only makes things worse
-Used all cuss words in a sentence?: too much
-Stood on your head and drank milk?: no, but i got my sister too back in the day
-Swallowed gum?: all the time
-Eaten glue?: naw
-Slept for more than 15 hrs?: all the time in the summer
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What? [Jun. 12th, 2004|01:36 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Kanye West - The New Workout Plan]

Dale.... Snatch.... why did we buy cowboy hats..... wow.....
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Cops and robbers... [Jun. 9th, 2004|01:46 pm]
[mood |Sleepy boy]
[music |I want to live - Josh Gracin]

So lots of shit has been going on, but i care not to update because livejournal is sorta strange... i think ill get over it tho and type a lil something something.

so running into the cops 3 times in 5 nights is sorta scary... i think ericjulien is bad luck. the first time i got pulled over for SOBER driving and got let off. the next time, i got stopped for drunk pissing. the reason they stopped us was becuase we were by dairy boy and i guess some1 keeps robbing it, like the past 2 nights so they thought we were robbing it. then, 2 nights later we were all at a party and the cops came but the girls ma handled that one. i was sorta scared all 3 times... but i got over it.

i finally got my piece of shit back. it runs ok.. hopefully its reliable.

i wanna go swimming... in erics pool... naked :o)

I hate summer classes and works sucks cuz they are all immature faggots.... not like i am amture at all, but they are so damned abnoxious.

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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2004|09:12 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Nick Lachey - This I Swear {i<3mybaby}]

Do you know who you are fucking talking to?

I AM the head ranger now.


on a lighter note, i <3 that country that borders us to the north
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blah [Apr. 14th, 2004|11:59 am]
[mood |studious]
[music |Slipknot - Duality]

I attempted an update, but it deleted it all.... *pissed* so basically, not much has been going on.  this summer i got my old job back, haha. i am gonna look for a new one, but this is just in case i am too dumb to get a new one. this week is hell cuz i got my chem test friday...  i am like chemistry retarded... i dunno, i have finals coming up too, that will b sort of tough.

I am briancyr, i can do anything

On a lighter note, i kicked a 57 yarder at practice, but it was with ppl rushing and shit, so yeah, on good friday.  then today, i was kicking again and i was fucking sweet, 5-5 and a 55 yarder...Gunderson didnt even make it to the uprights... that made my day. so this summer will b full of... running, lifting, kicking and maybe ill squeeze drinking in there somewhere, but i gotta save my money!! ok, im bored and proably so are you.




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